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What Should You Know About Children’s Shoes?

Posted by Vicco Says on 2014 Feb 18th

What Should You Know About Children’s Shoes?

Children’ shoes are footwear accessories the choice of which requires one’s special attention. Its visual attractiveness and comfort are important factors that a customer considers when it comes to choosing a pair of shoes, however there are even more crucial factors when it relates to kids’ shoes. Kids’ feet constantly mature in size and shape, and the wrong model can hinder proper development of kid’s feet. Vicco specializes in the production of children’s shoes, and the shoe sizes range from babies to big kids.

Vicco shoes are made from natural materials, insulated and allow the skin to breathe. Each model has a thoughtful design, a unique anatomical shape, lightness, impact protection, and memory foam insole to prevent from the development of flatfoot. Vicco children’s shoes are perfectly thought out down to the last details. Today, this brand is among the world leaders in children’s shoes manufacturing, the company's products are highly appreciated and recommended by parents, and most importantly, are adored by children.

Vicco children’s shoes are delivered to your door directly from the Turkish manufacturer - the company Vicco. On our site you will find original products, a wide selection of authentic models of shoes for boys and girls. You can choose your favorite pair and place your order right here and now. Quickly and easily.

What influences parents’ purchase decisions when they buy a pair of shoes for their beloved children? Most of the fathers and mothers are seriously concerned about the problem of proper development and formation of the foot of their child, convenience and comfort, provided that the chosen pair looks interesting and appealing. The size of kids’ shoes is another detail that parents pay attention to, and it is extremely important that it fits well. It should be noted that at the age of 3 years old, a child’s feet grow at a rate of 2-3 sizes in a year.  We recommend you measure child's feet at least every three months from 1-8 years. You never know when your child will have a growth spurt

Vicco children’s shoes are developed under the care and supervision of pediatricians and orthopedists.