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Your Baby’s First Moments: Making Everything Perfect

Posted by Vicco Say's on 2020 Dec 12th

Your Baby’s First Moments: Making Everything Perfect

The moments when your kid does something for the first time are precious. He or she will unlikely remember them, but you and other relatives will surely do. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to take a picture or video of these lovely moments. Anyway, you will always remember the smile on the little face at that time.

Be ready to have a special notebook where you will make notes about dates when your child does something for the first time. You should be well-prepared for those moments. However, you cannot be with the baby every second, and something may happen without you witnessing that. In this article, you will find a few helpful tips on how to make your baby’s first experiences safe and pleasant.

First Crawl

You will likely see your baby crawling when he or she is about 9-month old. This may happen later; so, be patient. That is one of those first moments that you should be well prepared for. In particular, you should ensure safety. Your baby can fall from the bed if it does not come with a bed fence.

If your child is crawling on the floor, you need to make sure that he or she won’t reach any cables or small details that can be put in the mouth. When your baby crawls, you should keep an eye on him or her. If you want to be engaged with other things without worries for your kid, then think of purchasing a playpen. It should be large enough to give the little explorer some space for practicing.

First Tooth

Many parents believe that dental care should start once the first tooth appears. However, it is recommended to wipe your baby’s gum using damp gauze twice a day once he or she is 3 months. This way, you will get him or her ready for first brushing when the time comes. When a baby is teething, he or she may experience discomfort. The child will likely be crying due to sore gums. There is a range of products that can bring relief at such moments, and you should purchase them beforehand.

First Word

Many parents cannot wait for the moment when their baby says the first word. Kids start talking at different times. In some cases, it may take many months to finally hear how your child is saying something. If you want this to happen quicker, you can do several things. First of all, you should describe the actions that you do when the baby is around. For instance, you can say that you are washing dishes, preparing dinner, or something like that. You can also read books with little text but large pictures. Taking your kid to various interesting places may be also very helpful.

First Step

You need to buy proper shoes for your kid a long time before he or she will start walking. Some babies start doing that when they are 9 months old, while it may take a much longer time for other children. Anyway, before making the very first step on his/her own, your kid will be walking with proper support. You and other relatives can help him or her by holding the baby’s hands or using special products. Buying quality first shoes is very important. They not only ensure a good experience for your baby but also allow for healthy growth and development of feet. Vicco first step shoes would be the right choice for your kid.

First Normal Food Intake

Pediatrists recommend starting giving solid food to your child when he or she becomes about six months old. This procedure requires the very first plate and spoon for tasting the real food. You should pick the right products for the beginning. Start with giving your child puréed vegetables and then add meats, beans, and cereals in any order. Remember to give a single product per time for a start. In fact, that is the moment that you can really get prepared for; so, do not forget to grab your camera and record the video of the first impression of solid food.